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Patient Education Resources 

Pediatric Links

Due to the large and rapidly expanding body of knowledge available, even on screened sites, we are unable to guarantee the accuracy of medical information at each of these sites. Advice and recommendations from these sites are not a substitute for medical care and should be discussed with your childís doctor.

Here are some links to sites that we have found useful:

American Academy of Pediatrics Website is our Our favorite site for childrenís health topics and helpful parenting ideas Parenting Corner- American Academy of Pediatrics Corner with links to printable handouts and Academy news
Bright Futures Website
Allergy and Asthma Mothers of America
Information on Childhood Immunizations
Truth about Vaccine Safety & Benefits
Food Allergy
Child Seat Safety Information
ADD Information
Screening for Autism and Other Developmental Delays
Autism Information
Center for Disease Control- preventative steps for traveling
Depression, Anxiety and Other Mental Health Issues
Helpful Nutrition Tips for Parents
Breastfeeding/ LaLeche League


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